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College of Aerospace Engineering and Applied Mechanics

College of Architecture and Urban Planning
College of Automotive Engineering
College of Civil Engineering
College of Communication and Arts
College of Electronics and Information Engineering
College of Environmental Science and Engineering
College of Foreign Languages
College of Law and Politics
College of Life Science and Technology
College of Material Science and Engineering
College of Mechanical Engineering
College of Ocean and Earth Science
College of Software Engineering
College of Traffic and Transportation Engineering
Department of Applied Mathematics
Department of Chemistry
Department of Physics
Film School
International School
Institute of High Technology

Medical School
School of Economics and Management

School of Liberal Arts
School of Stomatology
The Institute of Railway and Urban Mass Transit
Tongke College
Women’s College
College of Continuing Education
College of E-education

Institute of Vocational and Technical Education
Sino-French Institute of Engineering and Management

Sino-German College of Applied Sciences

Sino-German College for Graduate Study
Sino-Italian Campus

Tongji-Australia Institute of Technology
UNEP-Tongji Institute of Environment for Sustainable Development
World Heritage Training and Research Institute for the Asia and Pacific Region