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International Conference
    Approved by Chinese Ministry of Education, National Foundation and Taiwan Affairs Office of Shanghai Municipal Government, Tongji University has hosted or co-hosted 132 international or regional symposiums from 1983 to July, 2003. Participants include 14575 scholars, among whom 9685 are from mainland China and 4890 are from Taiwan, Hong Kong or foreign countries. Themes of the symposiums involve architecture design, oceanic soil technology, environment protection, urban planning, resource, vocational education, civil engineering, German language education, modern education, and so on. The symposiums are of various forms and different scales, and they could be regarded as a reflection of active academic communication and exchange of Tongji University as well as the fact that the scientific research and education of Tongji University have integrated with international practice.

International / Regional Seminars or Symposiums Hosted By Tongji University 

Year Seminars / Symposiums
2007 26
2006 30
2005 44
2004 29
2003 24
2002 25
2001 23
2000 10
1999 8
1998 4