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2017-09-20 06:51职场英语 浏览:
There may never be a perfect time to quit a job, but there are some times that are worse than others. When you’re thinking about turning in your resignation, be sure to carefully consider all the factors involved.
Even if you hate your job and want out of there as soon as possible, it’s better to make an informed decision and leave when the timing is right for you. It’s important not to make a decision in haste that could cost you money and negatively impact your future career prospects.
Here are some of the worst times to quit a job, along with the reasons why it may be better to wait, at least for now, before deciding to move on.

The 17 Worst Times to Quit a Job
1. After a bad fight with your boss or a co-worker.
1. 在与老板或同事恶战之后。
If you have conflict at work that can’t be repaired, and that can happen, think strategically about the best way to move forward. Make sure you're not making a rash decision and see if it is possible to end on good terms, so you get a positive reference. It might even be possible to stay, so think it over before you make a final decision.
2. When you don’t have a job lined up.
2. 在没有备选工作的情况下。
It isn’t always as easy to get hired as you might think, and it can be easier to find a job when you’re employed than it is when you’re out of work. If it’s a down job market or if your occupation isn’t in-demand it could take a while to find a new job. If you’re in an industry with a poor job outlook, hold off quitting until you’ve been hired.
3. Before you get fired (maybe).
3. 在你被解雇前(可能的话)。
There are pros and cons of quitting before it happens, if you think you’re about to be fired. If you quit, you won’t have to explain why you were fired during job interviews. It’s easier to explain a resignation, but quitting could disqualify you from collecting unemployment.
Weigh those pros and cons before making a final decision.
4. When you're about to get a promotion.
4. 在你快要升职的时候。
Does it look like there’s a promotion on the horizon? You may want that better job title to put on your resume. It will provide you with additional opportunities when you’re ready to job search. You might even like the new job enough to want to stay.
5. When you don’t have an emergency fund.
5. 当你手上没有应急基金的时候。
Unless you have a new job ready to start, quitting can be expensive. Do you have an emergency fund with enough money to cover your expenses for a month or two? Or possibly longer? Keep in mind that even if you’re hired right away, the job might not start immediately.
6. If you're totally unsure what you want to do next.
6. 你根本不确定你想要什么的时候。
Do you have a clear idea of the next step on your career path? If you’re not sure, you may want to do some career research before you start looking for a job. Instead of quitting, try to figure out career options while you still have job security, e.g. by taking night or online classes, volunteering on weekends, and exploring ideas for what to do next.
7. Just before you are about to get a bonus.
7. 就在你获得奖金之前。
Does your company give annual or holiday bonuses? If you quit shortly before yours is due, you may not be entitled to receive it.
Hold off until afterwards to ensure you get your extra pay.
8. When you have taken on a big project.
8. 当你接手了大项目的时候。
It might be a good time for you to leave, but it could be the worst possible time for your boss and the team you work with. Unless you must quit due a personal safety, health, or wellness issue, quitting right after you've agreed to take on a big project can reflect poorly on you and result in subpar references.
There aren’t any legal requirements that would compel you to stay, unless you have an employment contract that specifies how much notice you should give your current employer, but the standard notice period is at least two weeks. You should consider staying even longer if you’ve just agreed to take on a project.
9. Before you finish any classes that are reimbursed by your employer.
9. 完成所有公费资助的课程之前。
If you or your family have a tuition benefit provided by your employer, you could lose it if you quit while you or your dependents are still in school.
Check the fine details in your tuition reimbursement plan and plan accordingly.
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