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Do you feel like you’re always stressed on the job? Unfortunately, you’re not alone. Some 83 percent of American workers say they often feel stressed at their jobs. If this isn’t bad enough, apparently our workplace lives are just getting more stressful. The same poll by Harris Interactive for Everest College found only 73 percent of workers cited frequent stress just last year, meaning our stress levels have risen by 10 percent in just 12 months.

在工作中,你是不是时常感觉有压力?不幸的是,这并不是个体现象。83%的美国人反映自己经常在工作时感觉很有压力。更不幸的是,现代人的工作生活显然正在朝着更大压力的方向发展。哈里斯互动调查公司为珠峰学院做了同样调查,报告显示73%人表示仅在去年一年工作时间里就频繁地感觉有压力。这意味着仅仅12个月,人们的工作压力强度就上升了10%。(小编注:Everest College,珠峰学院是美国及加拿大安大略湖地区开展职业生涯培训的盈利性社区学院体系。)

Unsurprisingly, work stress is bad for your health and for your productivity. Rushing around in a frenzycan actually infect your team with second-hand stress, according to DePaul University professor Robert S. Rubin. Plus, the more we rush, the less we’re able to focus on any one specific task.


“No one wants to be seen as the slowest moving object in the solar system. You have to keep up with the Joneses—literally,” Ben Jacobson, co-founder of Conifer Research, told The Wall Street Journal.

“没有人想要太阳系里移动速度最慢物体的美名。不夸张地讲,你必须跟着攀比。” (从事公司行为与文化研究的芝加哥公司)“常青研究”的联合创始人本·雅各布森在《华尔街日报》讲道。

Whatever happened to workplace simplicity? It’s time to cut back on your stress by taking a few simple steps to declutteryour work life. Here are a few ways to go back-to-basics and show your career stress the door:


1. Kick Your Email Addiction

1. 从邮件中脱身

This might be hard to face, but it’s best to just tacklethe truth directly: you have an addiction and it’s your inbox. So many workers spend much of their day just playing catch-up to their emails. You might be in the middle of work when you hear the sirenbeep of a new email zooming into your inbox, and suddenly your work is halted so you can take a look.


It’s time to detoxfrom your inbox. Choose a few times during your day to check your email and stick to this schedule no matter what. For instance, you can check once in the morning, once around lunch, and a follow-up time an hour or two before clocking out. By limiting the amount of time you spend lost in your inbox, you can tune out the noise and allow yourself to focus.


2. Steer Clear of Workplace Drama

2. 远离办公室闹剧

You came to your office to work and yet somehow your workplace has become more political than an episode of House of Cards. Office politics hurts company morale, and 47 percent of workers feel office politicking also hurts productivity. Sadly, a study by Robert Half International found 60 percent of workers felt like they had to play the game.


Don’t get caught up in stressful office politics. Let your work speak for itself and take yourself out of negative situations where gossip flows and hurt feelings flourish. One of the best ways to simplify your work life is to steer clear of the drama.


3. Give Yourself a Break

3. 给自己创造休息时间

If you feel like you’ve hit a wall after lunch, know you’re not alone. According to research, your body hits a sleepiness peak around 2 p.m.


Instead of taking a nap, which is still frowned upon in many workplaces, give yourself a little mental break. Take a few minutes to check in with friends on social media or take a walk outside to clear your head. Don’t stress if your attention is lagging -- instead, give yourself permission to let your mind wander.


4. Surround Yourself With Positivity

4. 营造正能量氛围

It’s hard to feel stressed when you’re looking at a picture of a baby animal. This is certainly what researchers at Hiroshima University discovered when they found pleasant images such as tiny kittens make workers more productive.


To cut down on stress, surround your office space with positive images. Don’t leave your office or cubicleempty -- fill it with plants, posters, and pictures of loved ones. A positive work environment can work as a pick-me-up when you get particularly stressed.


5. Communicate Regularly

5. 频繁交流

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed if you don’t think your voice is being heard by upper management. In fact, less than one-third of workers felt management would change practices based on suggestions and feedback provided by employees. You want to be respected at your company, and the best way is to make your voice heard. Cultivate communication networks with your coworkers, your team, and your boss. If your workload is overwhelming, don’t be afraid to say something and ask for practical solutions to cut down on your stress levels.


6. Learn to Say No

6. 学会拒绝

You might want to do everything and tackle every possible challenge, but sometimes the biggest challenge is finding the strength to say no. Taking on too much responsibility is the best way to end up burnt out and feeling frayed. Research by the University of California in San Francisco found people with difficulty saying no are more likely to experience stress. While unpleasant, sometimes the healthiest thing you can do is bow out gracefully and avoid overextending yourself.


7. Take Note of Your Silver Linings

7. 积累点滴喜悦

It’s easy to let the little stresses on the job pile up and blot out the things you genuinely love about the job. Every day, take a few minutes from your schedule to jot downyour workplace “silver linings.” Write down a project you’re excited about tackling, a nice thing a coworker did, or even a reminder of why you love your job. It’s easy to make a mountain out of a molehill, but don’t let the daily grindrid you of your career passion.


Stress doesn’t have to weigh down your career. To become happier and more productive, it’s time to simplify your working life.